42 North Brew Team

It takes a great team to brew a great beer and at 42 North Brewing Company, we’re proud to have a diverse and experienced group collaborating on recipes and production of delicious craft beer.

Clay Keel
Chief Brewing Officer

Clay Keel - Chief Brewing Officer | 42 North Brewing Company - Buffalo, NYOriginally from Tampa, FL, Clay started his forays into fermentation in 2002 while helping his family start a winery on their small farm. He travelled the country in the military and fell in love with craft beer while living in Colorado over a decade ago and started brewing professionally at Two Henrys Brewing Company in Tampa, FL in 2011. Beers he designed and produced are distributed in multiple states and have been featured in publications such as Draft magazine. Clay is a graduate of the Siebel Brewing Institute and a Certified Cicerone; he also holds degrees in business and social sciences.

Matt Matuszewski
Brew Floor Manager

Matt Matuszewski - Brew Floor Manager | 42 North Brewing Company - Buffalo, NYA native of Buffalo, NY, Matt got his start brewing in 2010 when he received a homebrew kit as a gift. Matt runs the day to day brewing operations, manages the 42 North cellar staff and contributes to beer design, production, and quality assurance. Matt holds degrees in Sociology and Graphic Design, as well as a certificate in Brewing Science from Erie Community College.

Alex Sowyrda
Brewer/ Head of Recipe Development

Alex Sowyrda - Brewer | 42 North Brewing Company - Buffalo, NYAlex is an East Aurora, NY native, and award-winning home-brewer. He has over 11 years of experience brewing almost every recognized beer style from his current home in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village. Alex is a two time past president of Buffalo’s Sultans of Swig home-brew club and a BJCP Certified Beer Judge. He currently teaches Technology Education at Kenmore East High School in addition to designing and repeatedly testing the incredible beers at 42 North. Alex holds degrees in education and photography.